Gainlab Studios


About the Studio:

Today’s production practices have changed significantly with the changes in music consumption habits, which poses new challenges for the studios in terms of both workflow and technical terms. Gainlab Studios has been established with this in mind to respond to these changing trends to provide the most up to date professional audio services from mixing to the closure of the production process actually. All this within an excellent acoustic environment and the most versatile systems available, from the high quality studio standards to really rare assets.

Tactile M4000 automated analog console DYNAMICS: Chiswick Reach Stereo Valve Compressor, STA-Level Vari-Mu Compressor, PM670 Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor, Custom SSL 4000 Octo-VCA Compressor, 1176 type Stereo FET Compressor EQ: Custom Barry Porter Mastering Equaliser, 1084 Type Stereo Equaliser, UREI Parametric Eq MONITORING: Genelec S30, Yamaha NS10m Studio+ Hiraga Super Class A Amp, Dynaudio BM15a, Genelec 1030A A/D-D/A: Metric Halo ULN2, PCM1794 based mastering DAC, Universal Audio Apollo TAPE: Mechlabor STM-610 Master Tape Recorder DAW: AVID, Pro Tools, Apple, Logic Pro



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Soroksari str. 58. I. Building
Budapest, 1095
+36 30 336 8848
+36 30 773 9636